Unifor Local 127
405 Riverview Dr. Suite 305, Chatham. Ont. 519-354-3450

Sarnia Transit



Sarnia Transit  

Bus Charter

Address: 1169 Michener Rd,

Sarnia, ON

N7S 4W3 

Phone: (519) 336-3271

Unit ByLaws  (soon)



     Chairperson:      Terry McHenry

    Phone #






 Committeeperson Mainenance:  Barry Barker         

Health and Safety Committee:  Terry McHenry        

Health and Safety Committee:  Brad Christian         

Recording Secretary:  Diane Sylvester                          

Election Committee:  Theresa Schnare                        

Negotiating Committee Member: Terry McHenry    

Negotiating Committee Member: Don Elson             

Negotiating Committee Member: Barry Barker  



Women’s Committee:  Margarete Parker

Committeeperson Drivers:  Don Elson

Health and Safety Committee:  Don Elson

Alt Health and Safety Committee:  Margarete Parker

Sargent at Arms:  Lisette Thorner

Election Committee:  Nicola (Nicki) Lyttle

Grievance Committee Member:  Terry McHenry
 Grievance Committee Member:  Don Elson

Grievance Committee Member:  Barry Barker