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Great Lakes Food



Great Lakes Food Company
PO Box 426 | 135 Bothwell Street,
Chatham ON N7M 5K5 Canada
Canada | USA Toll Free: 1.877.997.6358
Fax: 1.519.354.9566





Chairperson:   Ken Ecker

Union Office:


                                  Committeeperson:   Carol Laliberte
Vice Chairperson:    Judy Martin
Woman's Advcate:   Carol Laliberte




Great Lakes Food Company is committed to carrying on a tradition that began by the Omstead family from a small fishing village on Lake Erie over a century ago.
Today, as the exclusive processor of Omstead brand freshwater lake smelt, Great Lakes Food Company is the principal harvester of Lake Erie quotas. Our fleet of trawlers are dispatched seasonally for daily harvesting of lake smelt from the most productive of Canada’s Great Lakes.
Specializing in IQF freezing and finely-graded product, customers can count on exceptional quality and service, whether ordering the Omstead brand or requesting their own private label specifications.
Omstead Lake Erie smelt are the preferred choice by both new and long-standing customers from around the globe. Their delicate, sweet taste and wild caught freshwater flavor make them a popular menu item in food service, and a consumer favorite in retail stores.