Unifor Local 127
405 Riverview Dr. Suite 305, Chatham. Ont. 519-354-3450

A.P. Plasman




24 Industrial Rd.

Tilbury, Ontario


    Chairperson: Chad Dodman

Union Office: 519-682-1155 Ext: 2738

Email: committeeapp@gmail.com
  Elected Unit Representatives

   Chad Dodman
Committeeperson (Shift 1): Ryan Jackson
Committeeperson (Shift 2): Laura Giroux
Committeeperson (Shift 3):
Alt. Committeeperson (Shift 1):  Vacant
Alt. Committeeperson (Shift 2): Perry Bond
Health & Safety Rep (Shift 1): Keith Glabb  
Health & Safety Rep (Shift 2): Andrew Lane
Health & Safety Rep (Shift 3): Vacant
AH & D Rep: Lisa Roach
AH & D Rep: Dylan Campbell
By-laws Committee: Jodi Brown
Election Committee: Dennis Kersey

Election Committee:   Deb Reaume


Vice Chairperson:
Committeeperson (Shift 1): Krista Burk
 Committeeperson (Shift 2): Rita Nolan

Committeeperson (Shift 3): Cheryl Little
Alt. Committeeperson (Shift 1): Doreen James
Alt. Committeeperson (Shift 2): Jessica St. Pierre

Alt. Health & Safety Rep (Shift 1): Doreen James
Alt. Health & Safety Rep (Shift 2): Tabatha Schives
Alt. Health & Safety Rep (Shift 3): Vacant
Alt. AH & D Rep: Doreen James
By-laws Committee: Dennis Kersey
Election Committee: Jodi Brown
Co-Chair of Health & Safety: Keith Glabb
  Bargaining Committee Chairperson:   Chad Dodman   
Vice Chairperson – Rita Nolan
  Bargaining Committee Member:  Rita Nolan   
Bargaining Committee Member:
 Ryan Jackson
Bargaining Committee Member:  Krista Burk


Unit ByLaws  (soon)





A.P. Plasman began its journey in 1981. The plant was located in Chatham. The plant was named
Chrome Tech. Chrome Tech at the time did somechrome dipping as well as paint and assembly.
In 1982 the plant changed hands and became Chrome Tech 1982 LTD. This facility ran for
approximately 3 years without a union. In 1985 C.A.W. Local 127 was introduced with a long
strike and some tough times ahead. In 1991 the plant changed hands once again and the name became Trimplas 1991 North
American. The plant would continue to grow through its struggles.
In 1994 they opened a plant in Windsor under Trimplas 2000. This plant was located on County
Rd. 42. This plant became unionized in 1995 under Local 195. This plant produced Honda parts,
painted and reworked parts. In 1998 The Chatham and Windsor plants amalgamated in to one facility which is now the
Tilbury, Ontario plant. The name here was Trimplas 2. They had employees from both facilities
commuting to the Tilbury facility. We stayed under this name for approx. 5 years. Our new
name that we have carried for 5 years now is A.P. Plasman Corporation. All facilities are under
the same heading.
We have 3 more facilities which are non-unionized shops. There is only one that does the same
work as we do and that would be the Patillo Rd. facility. We also have Build-A-Mold, Windsor
plant 1 & 2. The Tilbury facility is approx. 85% Honda and the rest of our product is G.M. We
have 84 employees in the facility working and are trying to work through these hard times. We
have 10 employees on lay-off right now. This facility supports United Way; we do can drives, and many others.